A Room with a View

 I started the injections to mobilise my stem cells on Thursday morning and now I’m sitting cross legged in my coral and peach stripped jim jams, just the bottoms the top is plain, you have to know where to draw the line, in my own little hospital room.  I’ve been in less appealing hotel rooms, well bed and breakfasts.  I remember one where the mattress had more peaks than the Himalayas and I refused to take my socks off  even for a shower.  It’s 04:38 and I woke up and couldn’t nod straight back off so I thought I’d take the time to show off my hotel, I mean hospital room, while I enjoyed a coffee and biscuit courtesy of the NHS.  Let’s face it if you’re going to have something wrong with you it might as well be something that gets you an NHS room like this.

 You know what this is…


it’s my light dimmer switch and telephone extension socket.

My reclining armchair and TV

My bed, CD/radio and storage with little mini wardrobe!!!!!!!!!!



My complimentary tea tray, tea coffee biscuits and kettle which are sitting on my  fridge. 

Oh, and this is my view, okay it’s dark but there’s a lot of lights, so there’s a lot of view, apparently its quite a small room but I think I can safely say I prefer a view over square footage. 

Rachel, the lovely nurse,  gave me my Plerixafor injection last night and so this should be kicking my lazy stem cells into action.  Hopefully they aren’t really lazy they just needed a bit of a rest after the initial treatment. 

DisclaimerI know I take the mickey but I do feel the need, unusually for me, to say that I do appreciate we are really fortunate to have the NHS!

Well enough of that, did I say this is my tea tray?

5 responses to “A Room with a View

  1. That’s it then, I’m definitely going to get mm if it means I can have a tea tray next to my bed along with a telephone. You are spoilt rotten young lady! :p

  2. TEA TRAY?! What is this, the SAVOY?!

  3. Well, I will keep on giving you the expanded version “window” from my blog so you don’t get bored with your window on the world… intending that your stem cells get motivated and multiple like crazy!!

  4. Oh wow – the room looks superb and it’s so nice to hear that your nurse is really nice. It’s true what you say about the NHS – we are very lucky. I’ve just come back from a tour of the new Whiston Hospital and it is absolutely stunning. Hope them stem cells are jumping into action. Take care. Luv & Hugs.

  5. Make sure the television screen is suitable distance from the bed while you got a tea tray……that Dino might appear in the window !…lol. Hope the Plerixafor winds your key gal 🙂

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