Oh So Adorable Matinee Coats

I came across these the other day via Roobeedoo’s blog.  Aren’t they just delightful?


They are on Joli House 

The baby knits I normally make are cutesy ones, maybe a little cabling and I tend to stay away from the more traditional matinee styles but these are simply adorable.  I don’t believe these would have worked anywhere near as well in say white or pale pink.

It’s weird they are traditional styles but non traditional colours and they look just stunning.  I particularly like the brown one.

I now want, no NEED, to knit something similar and so need two things.  A baby girl to knit for and a pattern.  I thought the second one would be easy to find.  I got my great nan’s knitting book off the shelf, which must be from the 1940s/50s, along with an old knitting book my father in law got me from a charity shop.  And nothing similar at all.  My great nan’s book was disappointing and amusing in equal measure.  A popular item seemed to be a pilch!  A what?  A pilch!  Anyone know?  No, shame on you!  Here is it…

Obviously every baby shouldn’t be without at least one!  They could be the latest trend.  Now where’s my knitting needles?

2 responses to “Oh So Adorable Matinee Coats

  1. They are just amazing aren’t they?

    A “pilch” – not a “pilchard” then!

    There is a little girly Brabbs on the way…?

    • Oh yes, a pilch it is then! What would I do without you? After you reminding me about the audio books I got The Birthing House by Christopher Ransom and Labyrinth by Kate Mosse. I’ve never heard or read anything by them but thought I’d give them a go and they last a total of 32 1/2 hours so I should be okay.

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