Look at my er… cake???

I decided two weeks ago that I couldn’t eat a treat unless I made it myself. 

This is my chocolate and berry cake.

It actually tasted okay but a bit dry surprisingly.

On the other hand this is my Auntie Eleanor’s parkin which I graciously received today.

And here’s a tip if you ever make or receive parkin.  Pop it in the freezer for a while and thaw before consuming and it makes it kind of sticky and even gorgeouser.

3 responses to “Look at my er… cake???

  1. I love parkin, but I usually only make it for bonfire night, I shall have to change that!

  2. i have never heard of or consumed parkin! off to google right now! :O)
    (visiting from ana’s friday archive dive)

  3. too funny! googiemomma googled, i wiki’d. i think were both one parkin smarter tonight thanks to you and the interweb 🙂

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