Virtual Vacation

I was thinking (this statement normally sends B running for cover until he can establish whether it involves him or not) after the holiday comments I had the wacky idea for a virtual vacation.

We could set up a group on Facebook and decide when we wanted to go for a week or two.

I was thinking, again, something along the lines of the following

One off decisions

Duration – Short break, one week, 10 nights, or fortnight

Country – Decide which one we would go to

Clothes – Pick one outfit each for the entirety of the holiday, practical or outrageous

Knitting or Reading – I generally take both but end up just doing the knitting (now I can drive this will reduce my knitting time)

Daily selections

Places – Someone could pick where we went in that country eg, town or some place to visit, like a museum, strip joint, whatever

Food  – Very important, pick a restaruant or speciality of the country

These could be either descriptions, photographs even or a link to the relevant website.

Just an idea – now I have to trip off down to the garage to check the drier hasn’t caught fire.  It’s still playing up and now seems to interprete the cool setting as ignite.

Bernard’s version of my ‘I was thinking’ is ‘Have you got a minute?’  This issued forth from the garage last night at about 11 o’clock.  Upon entering the kitchen I encountered the enticing aroma of hot electrical appliance.  Apparently it had been too hot to handle! 

B:  ‘I pushed this red button thing on the back.’

Me:  ‘Why?’

B:  ‘I don’t know.’

Me:  ‘Will it come back out?’  (Having a fiddle – apparently it wouldn’t)

This reminded me of the time the car broke down in the outside lane on the approach to a busy roundabout not far from Edinburgh airport.  We slowed to a halt and Bernard leapt out of the car and snatched the bonnet open, surveyed the workings and got back in the car.

Me:  ‘Was the engine still there?’

B:  ‘Yes.’

The act of opening the bonnet obviously came from some over riding manly compulsion because Bernard would only have been able to identify what was wrong if a pixie had been jumping up and down, pointing to the offending item (timing belt) which would have needed to be glowing neon and giving a detailed description of the fault!  But then again how boring would it be if I had a husband who could fix anything ………………………………………………… Oh, sorry just drifted off there for a moment!


3 responses to “Virtual Vacation

  1. Gloria Libman

    I love getting your emails. Knowing nothing about computers I really dont know about blogs.
    Where do you live? Did you get my email about Dr Kyle. He really was very nice. I called the # that I got on the email and he just answered the phone. Gloria

    • Hi Gloria – I live in St Helens, a backward northern once very industrial town in England, famous for its rugby team, the Saints and being the home of Pilkington glass.
      My mother in law once tripped in the bedroom on holiday en route to the bathroom in the dark. My father in law seriously said that it was because she wasn’t good with technology ie, the bedside lamp! I wouldn’t feel bad about the computer. 😉

  2. I wonder how boring it would be to have a man who
    is handy and able to do household renovation and repair AND can actually see the jobs through to completion. sigh

    I would like to be that bored.

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