Driving Test

We’ll I can’t rip up the L plates because they are plastic but I PASSED!

I keep getting congratulations to me and condolencses to Bernard since everyone seems to think, correctly, that he’s not too keen on me driving the car.  The examiner wouldn’t give me a letter saying I could but did give me his verbal consent.  The other peice of information he supplied me with was if somebody in the car behind starts beeping their horn, don’t stick your finger up at them!

The examiner, Jimmy, was really lovely and put me at my ease.  The second guy out was the one I had last time and I thought if I get him again I’m not going to pass, just looking at him made me nervous and then Jimmy came out and he was lovely. 

Yeah – I PASSED, I PASSED, I PASSED did I say?  Now, where’s the car keys?


8 responses to “Driving Test

  1. Woo hoo! Highland fling round the kitchen table, please! That is fabulous news! You won’t believe the freedom it brings (actually maybe you will!) CONGRATULATIONS!

    • I knew it would bring me freedom but until I actually just went out on my own to go round the block and ended up at a friend’s 5.5 miles away in the tail end of rush hour traffic I don’t think I fully appreciated how much!

  2. Well done you!! (I tried once, failed and decided never to try again. )
    B will have to get you a little run around of your own if you can’t drive the “family” car!

    • In view of your new found confidence (I know that’s not really the appropriate word but couldn’t think of another) I think you should give it another go. See my reply to Ruth.

    • Forgot to say as well I left Bernard downloading Syberia II while I went off galavanting. I’ll let you know what we think of it.

  3. Terrific Terrific Terrific!! And truly deserved. Just make sure you have your own set of keys to that ol’ jalopy. I know B – he’ll hide them…

  4. Hooray!!! Of course you could have hired Morgan Freeman to drive you around and we’d get to call you Miss Daisy…
    but this is MUCH better. Enjoy “runnin’ the roads”.

    P.S. I think here in New Jersey, they give you your license and then show you the proper way to use your middle finger. ;o)

  5. I had to bus it back from my test pass and had a beaming smile for everyone on the bus….. must have thought i’d got wind. Mind you, that was 38 years ago…..Happy motoring gal!

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