Big Fish Games

I may be a little addicted to these computer games. You can try them free for an hour and them buy them for general $8 which equates to £5. The puzzle ones are not particularly long compared to say Xbox and such but are entertaining and we have bought about four puzzle ones (and had about 150 free trials) and so far managed to complete three. That said we reached a bit of a sticking point in the last one and I would gladly have slapped the narrator who had an annoying voice to start with. 

The match three ones are particularly absorbing and after both having a go at Paradise Quest we’ve decided to start again separately as B can’t stand the fact that I did a level he couldn’t, so the challenge is on.  The last time we did something competitive I ended up with nine stitches when I fell off my bike because I wouldn’t stop to take my fleece off.  As I realised it wasn’t the greatest idea my face gently hit grass but my knee and thigh didn’t have such a soft landing.  If I need to take off an item of clothing during this off I’ll stop and get off the chair.

Some of the puzzle games have hidden objects to find and I seem to excel at this compared to B and I suddenly realised why. It’s so simple. It’s because I’m female. We’ve all had this conversation I’m sure.

‘Where’s the life size pink elephant?’

‘It’s in the small back bedroom on the bookcase nearest the window, third shelf down, on the right hand side next to the six foot matchstick model of the Eiffel Tower!’

‘I can’t find it. Where is it?’

‘Are you in the right bedroom?’

‘Of course I am.’ Sighing

‘You know the bookcase near the window?’

‘Of course.’ With the tone I’m not as thick as you seem to think

‘It’s on the third shelf down.’

‘Are you sure, I can’t see it.’

‘On the right hand side. Are you looking at the right shelf?’

‘Yes.’ For goodness sake it’s obviously not here and you’re giving me duff information tone

‘It’s there, you can’t miss it.’

‘It’s not here!’

‘If I come up there and find it there’s going to be trouble!’ Why didn’t I just get up first as last it would have been quicker and used less energy than all this shouting tone

‘You won’t find it – IT’S NOT HERE!’ On entering the bedroom

‘What’s that right there?’ See I told you tone

‘Oh, there! Why didn’t you say!’ If you’d said in the first place you wouldn’t have wasted my time tone

I’ll let you guess which side of the conversation is generally mine and most women’s.  Correct me if I am wrong.


One response to “Big Fish Games

  1. I too am addicted to Big Fish Games. I can recommend Green Moon if you haven’t tried it. It’s more an adventure / problem solving type of game, but I loved it. Like wise Syberia II.
    I too have had those conversations with 1 ex-husband, 2 sons and 1 new partner. I must be really bad at seeing things lol.

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