Here’s my Gorgeous Red Ruby Rose Peacock Clutch Bag

It arrived while we are out on Friday and one of our neighbours took it in and looked after it.

Well what do you think of it?


Okay, it’s a little boxy.  

Gill, my sister-in-law, on reading my enthusiasm over the bag has bought me the matching purse for my birthday.  She could hardly contain herself over buying something on the internet but managed to keep it what it was exactly to herself, other than saying it was from a link on my blog.  And then I won the bag and she couldn’t contain herself.

So I’ve decided, despite the major temptation, to wait until my birthday as it’s only a few weeks away.  This is so I don’t take the shine of Gill’s present, especailly since she claims it took about three hours to order.  After a few weeks of stroking and petting and uhhing and ahhing over the bag and sleeping with it on my pillow, you know the usual stuff, I don’t want to open the purse and go ‘Oh, yeah, it’s a purse that’s nice.’ 

So, the box is currently sitting on top of the printer looking at me and I even like the brown paper it’s wrapped in (although I have a bit of a fetish for that, bit like the paper bags) and the mock parcel tag address label!

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