There’s a Bernard in my Sewing Room!

It’s a bit like having a squirrel in your roof space but not as entertaining. 

The tumble dryer is on the blink and Sunday is the day we wash the sheets.  I used to have two sets but the organic cottons ones are a little pricey and when we got a tumble dryer I could get them washed and dried in the same day.  But this frugalness bit me on the bum yesterday when the dryer refused to hot dry and took about 15 hours to cool dry.  The radiator didn’t dry them in time for bed and so I had to sleep in the spare bed in my sewing room.  When B got home this morning I suggested that we could make the bed but he was quite happy to use the spare bed.  ‘We’ll do it after.  I’m not stopping you doing anything am I?’

‘No, what makes you think I’m in the middle of anything?’ (It really doesn’t normally look like this. Honestly!)


 So I’ll just have to bore you with random ramblings as I get bored as if I go in and breath heavy B will wake up.

I bought this book on Friday.  It was outside a second hand (surprising, I know it looks brand new) store that we walk past on the way back into the city centre.  Bernard asked could we have a carrier bag to stop it falling to pieces before we got it out of the shop.  It was the extortionate amount of 10p.  I love old books and this one certainly looks it.  There seem to be some postmarked things dated from the 1800s.  It’s a scrap book of seemingly random newspaper cuttings, drawings and handwritten notes.  Mostly English but some French.  Some are church related and others not.

“How many genders are there?” asked a school master. “Three, sir,” promptly replied little blue eyes, “masculine, feminine and neuter.” “Pray, give me an example of each,” said the master. “Why, you are masculine, because you are a man; and I am feminine, because I am a girl.” “Very well: proceed.” “I don’t know,” said the little girl, “but I reckon Mr Jenkins is neuter, as he’s an old bachelor.”

When my mother in law drove me to distraction last Tuesday, a bit of a crappy place and she’s can’t drive for toffee, I had a bit of an extreme reaction for me.  I bawled and then stormed off for a walk to clear my head, snivelling and snotting as I went.  I very rarely cry and this got B in a bit of a tiz too, especially since he’d made tea so I could get on with some real work. I thought it was because I’d had a nice day with a driving lesson, coffee with a friend and then armchair yoga where I’d met a man with myeloma, learned that another member of the group also had it and got an invite to lunch before this week’s strenuous activity and then her call put me on a downer.  I’m sure this did play a part but I got a visit from Aunt Flo yesterday – if you follow my drift – this has included the return of a little migraine but never mind.  I’d begun to think I was having an early menopause.  So hopefully it was just hormones and I’ll get back to normal.

 I had a wacky idea for a virtual vacation, that sounds better than virtual holiday but more on that later as the ‘squirrel has vacated the roof space’.  How’s that for code.  Just like MFI*.

*  Beth – English to US translation – Just in case you don’t have them over there.  That’s a furniture store and a play on the government secret agency MI5.  I can’t take the credit for that one B’s Aunty B said it once by accident. ; )


2 responses to “There’s a Bernard in my Sewing Room!

  1. He must be the size of a squirrel, I can’t see him in the pic!
    You have my sympathy as regards the dryer, mine burst into flames on 21st Jan and I was without for a month. I tried to tell everyone not to sweat or get dirty, but they were really bad at it!

  2. Yes, roll on spring. We only have one warm duvet cover and have never had a drier. I rely on the wind, which is of llittle use when the temperature is in the minuses!

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