Look at my Poop Scoop Bags

When we were looking after Tommy, B came home one morning and informed me that he had bought me a present and it was in the kitchen.  I rushed downstairs all excited and look what I got…

Bernard was quick to point out that they are PERFURMED!  But let’s face it it takes a lot to cover Eau de Poop.

On the impromptu gift front this has been preceded in the past by two spanners* – which were both the same size – one for each hand so I could work twice as fast!

After having attempted to use them I would like to point out that I don’t know when Bob Martin last scooped a poop himself but it must have belonged to a very miniature animal because I had problems with Tommy’s,  goodness knows how you’d get on with a dalmatian.  The PERFUMED bags are very fine which is okay for some things but in my book nothing that requires a poop scoop bag should be felt.

*  I did actually like the spanners.

4 responses to “Look at my Poop Scoop Bags

  1. Who’s Bob Martin?

    • I don’t honestly know if he was a real person but there is a brand by that name. They now do various pet stuff but when I was a girl, many moons ago, they did a conditioning powder for dogs. If someone was feeling a little under the weather a common suggestion was to take some Bob Martin’s to perk you up. Maybe I should get some for my mother in law!

  2. What colour are they? Do they match your gorgeous clutch bag?
    I personally buy the cheap nappy bags and use two, one inside the other. I did once buy some dog ones but found them a bit small!

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