Look at my Tommy 2 (Well technically he’s not mine)

If you don’t like small furry animals look away now.  Here’s some pics I took of Tommy while we had him and because he’s ‘so adorable’ (imagine squeaky soppy voice) I felt the need to share them.

 ‘Hey, what’s going on?’


 ‘What are you looking at?’

‘I was enjoying my sleep and I’d like some privacy.’

 ‘If you’re not going to leave me alone, let’s see you show this to polite company!’

 Ha, fortunately we have the technology.

We were supposed to be having Auntie Ann’s own dog, Ben, instead but it was just as well we had Tommy again because Ben wouldn’t have been interested in going out in the snow after all he’s only a Bernese Mountain Dog!

 I think the reason I had trouble with my photos last week may have had something to do with Tommy.  He insisted it was a good idea for him to sit on my knee so that he could look out of the window and warn off attacking birds.  Once this job was done he endeavoured to assist with the photos by putting his muzzle firmly on the lap top while I was typing on the wireless keyboard obviously in an effort to speed things up so that we could get on with his walk.

5 responses to “Look at my Tommy 2 (Well technically he’s not mine)

  1. Very handsome guy. I love the brindle coloring. He’s camouflaged everywhere except in snow!

  2. Bootiful photographs! Can’t believe his dinosaur is still in one piece.
    I wore my boston scarf today and have received some wonderful comments. I said it was tailored made by my super talented sister-in-law!!!
    Gill xx

  3. Toni say’s thank you for sparing her modesty and thinks the pink blanket is fab. I’m not too sure how the poor dinosaur would fare mind you, she developed the art early on of gnawing through her toys before pulling out all the stuffing. (I suspect being the daughter of two rabbiters that it is in the genes!)
    Love to Tommy when you see him next.

    • Tommy does exactly the same thing. I made this one for him with two layers of fabric and double stitched the seams, then stuffed it really firmly so that he couldn’t get a grip as easily. I velcroed the legs so that he felt he was pulling bits off. He did manage to get the velcro tabs off eventually and it required comestic surgery to it’s face and tail after a while. Can’t see a career for me in this profession but then again they don’t have small dogs tugging at one end while trying to stitch the other! Overall it’s lasted a lot longer than the shop bought ones.

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