We have photos…

but not of my hair yet. B did take some but I don’t know who of it certainly wasn’t me. Whoever he took had short purple hair and looked FAT.




We went to the eye clinic today just for a check up because when I had shingles last year they were near by left eye (everything is fine). I wanted to get the nosebands in the post and because we’ve had Tommy Ticklemouse again since Friday I didn’t have time to get them parcelled up before going I took them with me. So I sat in one waiting room folding them up and then sat in another stuffing all 23 of them into an C4 size envelope with Bernard saying constantly ‘There’s no way they are going to fit. You should have used two’. I could feel people watching curiously and the pressure was on but I managed to get them all in then had a bit of time getting them in the post box at the hospital.

As a little aside is there anybody other than my husband that considers that this is the appropriate storage location for toilet roll?

4 responses to “We have photos…

  1. He bought you flowers? How lovely!
    ; )

  2. If I met that dinosaur in the dark, it would be curtains!…..lol

    • Mike – I’m afraid I’ll have to insist that you refrain from posting comments on my blog in the ilk of the above as this one very nearly resulted in me having to wipe pineapple juice off my screen!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Well if you had….we would know where the tissue was wouldn’t we ….lol.

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