To Do List 5


*  Make cards for Sunflowers Centre.  This is where the Blood Support Group is held and this year Sunflowers is the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce sponsored charity and someone there suggested that since the staff are constantly buying cards it would be a good idea to put a box of cards in reception and the proceeds go to Sunflowers.  So I kind of volunteered to make some – ASAP

*  Make cards and other stuff for lady who is fund raising for Myeloma UK – by end of month

*  Power of Attorney for mother in law – sounds like a reasonable swap

Still Hanging About – not started

*  Make 3 baby presents (2) 

 Still Hanging About – but started

 *  Sister in law’s birthday present (3) – needed for 28 Feb this year

*  Aran cardigan for me in rose tinted colour (3)

*  Post patterns and knitting to Ravelry (3) – now got three knitted items on

*  Pattern for colourful baby blanket in squares (2) – again if four rows count


*  Make nosebands for donkeys (4)  – it’s been hanging about for so long I had to wait to post the list until they were done.  There’ll be some comfy donkeys in Palestine courtesy of left over fleece and recycled Velcro.  How do you recycle Velcro I here you ask.  Well you sew one piece to pelmets and staple other to self made pelmet board then realise after two weeks of sticking the pelmet back up that the idea of using Velcro so they would be easier to take down and wash isn’t a goer.  So you unpick all the Velcro from the pelmet, unstaple it from the board and staple the pelmet straight to the board and never take it down.

Photo of donkey nosebands – What you can’t see it? – When I opened a blog to learn stuff I couldn’t decide between blogger and wordpress so because I didn’t know which was best I opened both.  At weekend I decided WordPress was for me since then I tried to add a widget to the list over there —> and lost everything else, I did find out how to alter things when getting them back but couldn’t remember what it was I wanted to add.  And now I can’t get photos on.  In the process I have added 11 to the Gallery (is that enough to charge admission).  So for the time being a little imagination is required.

*  Dinosaur Tested by Tommy Toy

Photo of happy, smiley black floral T-Rex type dinosaur (give that imagination a bit of a work out)

I also finished a baby jacket and hat that have been hanging about for ages (since approximately 1999, yes you read me right, I’m hanging my head in shame).  They were obviously waiting for the right owner.  Whenever I remembered them up until now the baby was either too old or not suitable.  The hat should also have birds on it but there is a limit to how much intrasia knitting I’ll do.  The pattern is from Bright Knits for Kids by Debbie Bliss.  And I little pattern of my own for the same little one.

Photo of cute blue, pink, green, cream, brown v-neck baby cardigan with pink birds with yellow legs and matching stripy hat.

Photo of green ribbed baby hat with stunning matching ribbon bow.

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