Hair Cut 3

I went for my hair cut again on Thursday.  I didn’t give much thought to the maintenance side of short hair on the basis that it wouldn’t be there for that long.  When it was long I religiously went for it cut twice a year whether it needed it or not.  So I copied Roobeedoo this time and went for an asymmetrical look, a very much asymmetrical one, the first time I had it cut short was far enough.  Did I mention that I’ve now gone from red to purple?  I had to ask for maintenance tips since the red had really faded and apparently BRIGHT ones do.  So there followed a shopping spree for colour treated hair shampoo, conditioner and some serum which have all been applied for the last two nights.  The hairdresser was heard to say … ‘You can always do this’ (light tousling with fingers) ‘for a funky look for a change from the sleek one’.  Well yesterday I had a sleek top and a funky bottom and today I have a very funky everything and look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards!  Not too sure the sleek look is going to work out.  I’ll post a picture if I can get B to take one that won’t scare small children.

2 responses to “Hair Cut 3

  1. Hee hee! Tips from a week-old assymetric: (1) tuck the long side behind your ear on formal occasions. (2) On no account plait it (SO 1982!) and (3) embrace your inner hedgerow. Or should that be hedgehog? It makes life so much more fun having hair you can play with! Please – pictures, pictures!!

  2. I always have “hedgerow hair” and I’m a hairdresser.
    Can’t do a thing with my own. Your last post about
    mother-in-law and the water closet troubles was
    just hysterical. I do hope my “out-laws” move to their
    vacation home in Vermont before it comes to this! ;o)

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