Tiny, Tiny Balls of Wool and Other Knitting News

I handed the charity jumpers and hats into the doctor’s receptionist and she asked if I needed any more wool. Now I never refuse wool if offered and said that if she had some I’d be glad of it. Next time I went another receptionist after confirming it was me that did the jumpers handed over a carrier bag of yarn which when emptied expanded like a life raft and I physically couldn’t get it back into the bag. Here it is…

Now I know exactly what most of this is. It’s the last bits of yarn left from a knitting project that are too large by about two inches to be thrown away but too small to be of any real use. I know I have them. You keep them thinking they may come in handy if you need a little bit of that colour and under no circumstances can force yourself to throw them away even though they are taking up space. Then an opportunity arises to pass them on and then whether they are used or not they are off your conscience*. So I’ve tipped them into a box so I can see what’s going on and am going to knit wonderfully stripy tiny things.

Extreme novelty type wool normally brings me out in a cold sweat and sends me running from the shop but I was given some balls of this type of yarn and so I thought I’d give them a go. Apart from the cuff for a Christmas Stocking I made these two neck warmers.

I think they are really nice but strangely since I listed them in my etsy shop they haven’t had any real interest. Meanwhile Tommy’s dinosaur is quite popular, so I think I need to get sewing.

And this

Became this

* I couldn’t spell that either maybe it’s because a friend says I haven’t got one.

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