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Went to the clinic (that always makes me think of an STD) on Friday and my blood results were all normal. Fantastic but you know how I know this, I asked after being told I only need to go back in three months. (Apart from SCT process but this is at a different hospital.) I am constantly amazed at how much information I see on other blogs regarding numbers, particularly your American ones, although admit that 99% of the numbers mean nothing to me. I think it would be easier to extract a tooth from my consultant than any detailed information. I only think I know I have IGA myeloma because I saw it on a blood test envelope in October, the hand writing was a bit iffy.

Okay I’m being a little grouchy. I don’t like being told I can’t do something. After posting a comment re exercise on Myeloma UK a lady said that her husband had been referred by his consultant via his GP to a HeartSmart programme which despite its name dealt with any serious illness that would benefit from exercise. My haematologist (I can’t spell this word, I ALWAYS get it wrong, so I’m using blood from now on whether it looks right or not) who we saw on Friday won’t do me a letter saying what exercises I can’t do so my GP can’t refer me to an exercise programme . He says I should leave it for a while. I kind of knew we may have a problem there because when we said the professor we saw re the SCT said some weights may be okay, he said why would I want to do that!
Whilst at the hospital I got up to go to the toilet and hubby informed me that my new dress looked from the back like ‘one of those hospital gowns that doesn’t close at the back, but your dress does, but it is nice’.

I now have purple hair – hubby likes it better than the red.

We have a new driveway/front forecourt – it’s gorgeous, the neighbours have been looking possibly, apart from it being irresistible, because it’s a million times better than the previous eyesore.

Hubby doesn’t listen – I’ve suspected for a while but he excelled himself on Friday night. The flush on the now clear toilet wasn’t working. I managed to fix it. (That sounds like it was technical but it was actually just catching on the back of the cistern.) I rushed downstairs where B was just coming in from the garage. ‘I fixed it, I fixed it, I fixed it’ x about 10 whilst dancing a little ‘I fixed it’ nah, nah, na nah nah kind of jig, embarrassing but relevant. Half an hour later B’s in the bathroom, flushes and says ‘I fixed it’, thinking he’s being funny I say ‘Did you, that was clever of you’. Turns out he’d pulled the arm up firmly and it was flowing in but now won’t switch off. A little discussion ensued. I informed one of our extremely handy neighbours of this yesterday and am now under a gagging order. I finally managed to sort it properly today. So B either doesn’t listen or I get so excited about everything and jig about so much that B doesn’t notice anymore!!

B also likes his cherry tomatoes sliced in at least two. I think this is because when they are whole he wastes time chasing them round the plate so can’t get food in this mouth as fast. Not completely random as I’ve just sliced what felt like 300.

I think I may be watching too much South Park because I’ve started to understand what Kenny is saying.

5 responses to “GOOD NEWS and Random Stuff

  1. Oh this was such a funny post. My hubby hates it when I am right about any home repair type thing and he NEVER
    listens to me either!!! Some time ago, we were adding a bathroom to our house. I found a man selling a brand new shower base for a ridiculously low price. When we got it home, we noticed a very small mar in it and hubby was pretty mad. I said, “that little thing is no problem, a little epoxy and it will be good as new. We still saved several hundred dollars and this is a spare shower anyway that won’t get much use.” He told me ” You don’t know what you’re talking about. You can’t fix that, it will never hold and the base will leak.”
    When the plumber came to do some work on the bathroom, I showed it to him. He said, right in front of Tim. “Oh that little thing is no problem. Just dab a little epoxy on it.”
    I had the grace to wait till the plumber left before reminding Tim of his “don’t know what I’m talking about”
    comment. ;o) It’s just one of many examples but he still doesn’t listen to me.

    • I mentioned to hubby that now the toilet flush was working it may be a good idea to put the cistern lid back. Occasionally I have the insane urge to include him in these things. Apparently since the plumber is coming back to replace the plastic waste pipe at the back (don’t know when) why would we want to do that. Well maybe because the bathroom experience would be more pleasant overall if the ‘gubbings’ inside the cistern weren’t on display, the lid wasn’t on the floor and the screwdriver and various bits of the flush mechanism weren’t on the side of the bath. But what do I know. I tried but can’t adequately convey the complexities of the double flush button in the top of the cistern but basically whilst trying to put the lid back I ‘lost’ the bit that allows the bigger flush. Let’s not tell anyone. You have my deepest respect for not saying anything in front of the plumber but surely you must have given hubby a LOOK!

  2. OMG you didn’t tell your Doctor you wanted to get FIT did you?! What – and do them out of a job?! Crazy that they can’t give advice on gentle exercise.
    But hooray for good results!
    And purple hair!

  3. Oh well of course I shot Tim the “eyebrow up-oh imagine that, just a little epoxy” look. I may have grace but am CERTAINLY not up for sainthood!!! You can bet he avoided
    looking my way and I’m sure was saying a silent prayer
    something to the effect of “please GOD, let her shut her mouth till the plumber has left!” There’s never been a leak in that shower either.

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