Driving Test

I have my driving test at 9:17, my driving instructor is picking me up at 8:20ish, it’s currently 7:48. With the week we’ve had I haven’t had time to worry too much about it. I had to get my mother in law about of the bath where she had been stuck for three hours, subsequent water sample excitement, haematology support group meeting, sleepover at mother in law’s and continuing adventures with blocked toilet.

I now need to finish breakfast, get dressed (haven’t done yet in case I spilled breakfast), transfer money to pay for new driveway and go to neighbour’s to use toilet. But this has reconfirmed my conviction that the MM isn’t going to get me because I am going to have a heart attack this morning!


One response to “Driving Test

  1. Lorna and Mike said…
    I can’t wait to hear how you get on, being a nosey person 🙂 I’m sorry to hear about your aunt and your mother-in-law, you certainly seem to be “in the wars” as my nan would have put it.

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