Mock Driving Test

I went on my driving lesson yesterday and we did a mock driving test. I failed. After we’d got back to the test centre, Dave my instructor, said ‘Well I think you know you failed. You did things that I’ve never seen you do before! And I did, I’d driven off from a junction in second gear TWICE!. I still would have passed regardless of all this but then I took what seemed like half an hour to move onto a dual carriageway and this was a serious fault as a van moved alongside us, got tired of waiting and went before us. I have another lesson tomorrow. My test is 11 Feb at 9:17! And if… I mean when I pass, I need a note from the examiner and Dave saying I can drive our car.


One response to “Mock Driving Test

  1. Well I passed my practical test on the 5th attempt. The main reason I passed on the 5th occasion was that I successfully negotiated a pot hole on a single track road with a tractor coming towards me… in a blizzard! I failed every time it was a quiet sunny day in the suburbs. It was the msot stressful experience of my life. Childbirth was easier. Good luck to you!!!

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