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Yoga, Cold & Cake

Generally I get up and drink 500ml water to get my system off to a good start. This morning I got up put on the things on the radiator which wasn’t on! There’s nothing like toasty clothes on a cold morning. Put the heating on, took a gulp of water, 2 paracetemol, had a cup of tea and a peice of parkin*, nothing like a healthy start to the day.

I may have overdone the yoga yesterday. I spoke to the hematology nurse yesterday about how much to push my back as I was very aware of it during one of the stretches yesterday and wondered whether I should push it because it would improve or accept this was the limit of my range of movement. Apparently because of my vertebra collapse (just one) he said ‘Definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely, don’t push it’ – I don’t think he was too sure. So this morning I missed the yoga, I did my night time one yesterday and had the parkin instead. I am now having healthy homemade museli and another cup of tea while typing this and watching/listening to Project Runway – the joys of being a multi tasking woman.

* My Auntie En’s parkin is beyond compare. I occasionally part with it to close family and friends but only thin slices, my hand starts shaking if they happen to be watching me cut it and ask for maybe a bit more. The only thing not made by Auntie En that comes close is cheese cake from the Fossil and Heritage Centre in the Orkneys. If you are ever there I highly recommend calling in for some. The carrot cake is pretty good too and the staff are really friendly. If however you are ever anywhere near me don’t expect any parkin without a fight.

Wool Stash, I mean, Yarn Collection

I sorted out my wool stash. I need to keep using yarn, the word, instead of wool as I keep reminding myself when listing things on etsy. I was brought up calling everything wool that was knit with, cotton, manmade fibres even believe it or not wool but in this age of millions of fibres it can get confusing. So here’s a pic of my stash.

That’s not actually my stash that’s my one ball boxes, as per Sally Melville Styles – a book for using up your yarn collection (I just looked that up on the book and am now going to use it instead of stash) odds and ends. The idea is you sort by colour and not weight and put one ball of each yarn in each colour box and reference to the rest in boxes, cupboards, wardrobes, etc. I have to admit I do have mine in boxes in the wardrobe I converted to shelves in bedroom two or my sewing room as my Auntie En calls it. The doll was a present from her. I have never named her, she has blue eyes and brown hair like me. She also has bloomers on, unlike me, but I love touches like that, things you don’t see but that finish things off. She watches over the boxes and makes sure they are not pilfered.

This is my DMC thread collection. I have forsaken Anchor which are all squished into a box in favour of these. The nails they hang off do provide a little bit of a hazard when getting in and out of the glory hole.

Now I just need to start on my fabric collection. Which was considerably added to by Auntie En recently.


I got up this morning, apparently it’s -13 degrees outside the car, I was informed of this at 7:40 a much more acceptable time, and did my yoga, because it’s good for you apparently. There was Maddy (Madeline Lewis the instructor), I feel I can be familiar since I have my pyjamas on, looking svelte in her blue lycra on a sunny tree surrounded platform looking all fresh and there was me in said PJs with flannelette bottoms, not having brushed hair or washed as B was having trouble nodding off so I didn’t/daren’t disturb him with my morning ablutions. I had however brushed my teeth. I was also snuggled in my new cardy completed for Christmas. It has a bit of a design issue with the sleeves but apparently looks like this is the style but knowing that it isn’t how I intended keep thinking about ripping out the sleeves and redoing top sections.

I was going to attach a pic but can’t find the timer on the camera, can’t say I’m too impressed with this latest one. It’s a Kodak with 12 mega pixels but I’m a bit disappointed with some of the photos and I don’t think it’s completely my fault.

I’ve decided I’m going to have an etsy day and blitz everything I’ve made and get them listed but first I think I may have to try out the long johns that I got for Christmas because I think it’s cold and I’m basing this on my fingers being icy rather than relying on the car to tell me.

Driving Lesson

I had a driving lesson today – in the SNOW. When Dave (driving instructor) got here he asked if I still wanted to go as basically I am sensible enough (there’s a first) I think he meant old enough, to go slow. If I had been a 17 year old boy racer he wouldn’t have considered it. It was fantastic. There was a tiny bit of sliding on roads that we would have thought would be completely clear but with my test next week it really boosted my confidence.

My darling husband gave me a detailed temperature by temperature description of his drive home this morning. It was imperative that he passed this information on to me as soon as he got home at 4:00AM. I was quite surprised that it had reached -10 degrees but could have waited until later to find this out and in fact did because I could only recall as far as -8 when I got up – shame on me!

He then informed me why I did so well in the car this morning. On going into to exciedly tell him about my lesson (I waited until his alarm went off – I’m just so considerate), he asked what I had on as I looked nice. I mistakenly said I had measured my hips last night and they were 39″. So the car didn’t skid this morning because my large behind stablised it.

AND I still don’t know what I am doing on the web but I keep doing stuff. I am expecting a call from NASA any time now.

Look at my Socks

Charity Knitting 2

Hurrah I found the hats – well the photo and here it is for your perusal.

Let It Snow Again

Hubby didn’t make it into work last night. On 6.30 news motorway was closed due to accidents. He had just got work colleague’s telephone number and picked up phone when it rang, They’d watched same news. I did exagerate yesterday we’d had at least 8″.

Went for a walk this afternoon in all this wonderful snow – don’t think I’ll be having driving lesson again tomorrow – Oh, poo! And my massage was also cancelled.

Let It Snow

Snow, glorious snow!

I had my driving lesson cancelled because of the snow. I missed last week’s because of a cough that kept me up most of the night and I have my test next week. Oh, crap!

BUT the snow is something else. I had a Relaxation Yoga class but there were no buses. Well, the bus website said there were buses but they were delayed but they lied there were no buses that I saw. I did however get to walk a mile and a bit in the snow and it was GREAT! When I rang the hospital to say I wouldn’t be attending they said it was cancelled but the teacher had been unable to get hold of one of the attendees possibly me because I was out in the snow. I did think about walking into town but I had been ‘instructed’ not to go by my other half and if I did there was no way he was picking me up so I didn’t want to be marooned at the hospital – this was the genuine reason I wasn’t being good and following orders! How dare you even consider this.

So I came home played a few games on the computer and finished a scarf to sell on etsy. A scarf I just love. One of those things you do that is so simple but turns out to be just gorgeous and an appropriate snowy colour.

Hubby is currently out clearing the drive – he is such a spoil sport. He is going to attempt to get into work later. He is renda, rendeou… meeting (couldn’t spell rendezvousing) with a work mate, don’t know who is wearing the carnation, and they are going to give it a whirl. Must make sure he leaves with a hot water bottle, thermos of coffee, blanket, flares and some sort of entertainment but not the laptop or mobile so that he can’t phone me at three in the morning to say he is still stuck in snow.

Better go and get tea and pack supplies for his epic trip. I mean it’s all of 2″ maybe 2 1/5″.

Charity Knitting

I finished the wool the receptionist at the doctors gave me and here are the results in all their glory. I realised that I can try out styles for my etsy shop without needing an exact size at the crèche in South Africa they can just go along until they find a head that fits the hat rather than a hat that fits a head! You could see them if I could find the photo – I had a reshuffle and can’t place them. I only knit one pair of socks since I could knit a jumper in the time it took to knit one, they were so fiddly and I’m not even sure they are the same size although I don’t know how. I’m normally so precise.