IQ 14 – No, 140 – Believe It or Not

I did an IQ test on Facebook and it said that my IQ was over 140 – but to find out exactly I needed to either pay $2.99 or sign up for various stuff. Needless to say despite my genius IQ (move over Stephen Hawking) after attempting to sign up it seemed to go pear shaped and I didn’t find out exactly how much of a genius I am.

Then last Saturday when we still had Tommy with us – I got up and attempted to put my glovey type socks on (see Look at My Socks). Here’s how in went:-

Pick first sock up, put on left foot, couldn’t match toes to toe holes, Tommy looked from sock to me ‘What are you doing, it’s a sock’, gave up on that sock, put right sock on, didn’t seem to have right number of toes or sock had grown extra toes in the night. Tommy gives me another look ‘Are you going to be these on or not?’. It was looking like not but I wasn’t going to be beaten by rampant socks. Went back to first sock. Take it slow one toe at a time. Tommy all but signed ‘For goodness sake it’s a sock get it on and let’s go out’. Hurrah, matched all toes in the left one. Went back to right one. Got the knack now only took five minutes!

I had a late night last Saturday and don’t think I’ve managed to catch up yet (3:00am). Friends came round for tea (dinner if you’re posh) and I had reason to switch the laptop on and look up Wizard of Oz. Made the mistake of leaving computer on and picked it up again when they left just after 1:00am and after playing a game and checking email it was 3:00am. (I’m addicted to the games on Big Fish Games at the moment, mainly because you can try before you buy and after just one more go – there’s no knitting done and it’s time for supper and I just wanted to do one while I was eating my breakfast.)
So this morning my IQ was tested again. The dishwasher hadn’t drained. So after cleaning the filter I put it on again. Just waiting now to see if it’s worked.

And then I just got hubby his bagels for breakfast, he has a lie in Saturday and Sunday to make up for lost sleep in the week (he works nights) and put my Bonefos tablet on his plate instead of his Glucosamine. Fortunately I noticed in time but made the mistake of confessing and he wanted to know what would have happened. So I said trust me I have an IQ over 140 it wouldn’t have killed you.

I know need to wait and see if my genius IQ worked on the dishwasher or whether it flooded the kitchen. I may need to pay the $2.99 to find out that there’d been a mistake and it was actually 14.

Hey, and I’ve managed to change the pic at the top of this template and add links!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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