Doy Bags

I just love the things on the doy bags website. The only thing is they are one of these things that you think wow they are really cool but would never, ever buy to use possibly because I’m not really a handbag kind of gal but I really want something from them. I’ve been contemplating one of the tidy boxes but they haven’t made one yet to go with my decor but it is for a good cause and they are also cutting down on rubbish but yet they don’t go with my decor!!!!!!

The only other thing I could do is buy hubby a lunch bag. I’m sure he’d be the envy of all his workmates.

One response to “Doy Bags

  1. Karen said…
    Hello! Yes, I have a large, cement goose. The original goose belonged to my grandma, and I inherited it after she passed away. I have lots of little goose outfits that I’d put on the goose at every holiday or when company was coming. The goose was on our porch for about 6 years, and then last summer it was stolen in the middle of the night! It was very upsetting. My daughter was distraught for months, even praying to God to bring back the goose. Finally my dad was able to get us a replacement goose. Now she’s right inside the door, dressed as Hannah Montana. 🙂 The entire long saga was recorded on the blog, but this should bring you up to speed on the goose situation. 🙂

    29 January 2010 15:38

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