Look at my Tommy

Well I had something to eat yesterday and within the hour was back to my version of normal and went on to have an otherwise good day even managing to persuade my mother in law that the milk that was three days out of date and starting to smell funny really did need throwing out and then coming back from my Auntie Ann’s with Tommy.

He’s 8 months old and a cross between a jack russell and a staffordshire bull. He is a little bit energetic. He chewed through his toy last night and is currently working his way through the plastic bottles for recycling. Once suitably squished they ten become a toy to be thrown and then we start on a new one. There was a slight confusion when Tommy attempted to procure one full of water from my side.

We went for a walk this morning and I impressed myself with how far and how fast I was able to go and Tommy equally excelled himself.

He will sit patiently if he wants something but can’t grasp doing so when instructed. He’s not allowed upstairs and will go as far as the first step then look ‘Can I?’ and when told no waits until you’re out of sight to ensure the imploring look doesn’t go to waste and then tootels off with a whine to amuse himself until your return.

He has inspired me with an idea for toys which I’ll tell you about tomorrow and post a photo of him then because another bottle is squished and ready to be thrown around and I need to tire him out so that when hubby gets home in the morning nothing is chewed or I’ll be in more trouble than Tommy. I did manage to finish a mitten today while he slept which I just love it’s so bright. I don’t suppose I’ll get much done this week as I tend to knit/sew/use the PC upstairs. Well gotta go his head’s cocked and the big brown eyes are looking at me expectantly. ‘I’m so cute and adorable play with me!’

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