Too Cold for Fruit

I awoke this morning to the melodious clang of a spade on flags. I thought it must be our next door neighbour who believes, like me but with different things, that the devil makes work for idle hands. But no… it was my husband deciding that 6:45 was a good time to clear the drive around the car. I opened the window and graciously enquired what he was doing with worryingly scant regard that any passing neighbours would be able to view me in my pyjama top and Garfield knickers. (This also being the professional image I’d like to portray for my etsy shop!) I do get dressed before I ‘go to work’.

I tai chi’ed this morning with David Carradine who was looking remarkably well all things considered. It made a change from yoga and I surprised myself with my range of motion but didn’t push it.

Yesterday I sorted by fabric stash, I mean collection and wondered why on earth I’d bought some of them but had a good time finding things I’d forgotten about – I’m going to do some raw silk and organic cotton hearts for valentines. I threw some things away, tending to keep all leftover fabric when I make something ‘Just in case’. Some of these were smaller than the things in my scrap box. But in view of that and what moved location I still don’t seem to have gained a lot of space. I have yet to sort my haberdashery type items, beads, ribbons, etc.

I found my giant bead loom, I don’t think I’ve every loomed anything on it. I also bought a small one at the same time because obviously you need both two and did a little necklace which I wore once to a fancy dress party. They have both been a sound investment.

But maybe not today as today’s schedule has been ring my ISP and confuse them by asking if they do mobile broadband and being passed to technical support by sales and told that if my computer wasn’t connected by a wire to the router I could use it anywhere in the house! I explained that I wanted to use it outside the house and by this I didn’t mean the garden. Further advice had to be sought and the answer was no. I then spend half an hour on the phone with my mobile provider and now, hopefully, have it for 2 months and my dongle is being delivered tomorrow.

The other things I ‘need’ to do are

* Finish jumper pattern and most of jumper
* Make nosebands for donkeys (not mine)
* Finish/knit mitten pattern
* Make hearts
* Find material (which should now be easy) and make pair of trousers to wear tomorrow
* Learn show and tell items for driving test on Thurs weather permitting

I might do a To Do List everyday then I feel the need to complete it.

I also need to eat more fruit because it’s good for me. But it’s too cold for fruit. It’s hot chocolate and cake weather. Which made me think how come people who live with cold and snow all the time aren’t obese, what’s their secret? On Saturday I smoothied summer berries and mango with protein powder in a fruit eating effort. Then when I couldn’t finish it all do you know what I did? I froze it. I ate it yesterday and had a kind of body freeze after. No I can’t find the logic in that either. As they say here ‘There’s nowt as queer as folk!.

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