Yoga, Cold & Cake

Generally I get up and drink 500ml water to get my system off to a good start. This morning I got up put on the things on the radiator which wasn’t on! There’s nothing like toasty clothes on a cold morning. Put the heating on, took a gulp of water, 2 paracetemol, had a cup of tea and a peice of parkin*, nothing like a healthy start to the day.

I may have overdone the yoga yesterday. I spoke to the hematology nurse yesterday about how much to push my back as I was very aware of it during one of the stretches yesterday and wondered whether I should push it because it would improve or accept this was the limit of my range of movement. Apparently because of my vertebra collapse (just one) he said ‘Definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely, don’t push it’ – I don’t think he was too sure. So this morning I missed the yoga, I did my night time one yesterday and had the parkin instead. I am now having healthy homemade museli and another cup of tea while typing this and watching/listening to Project Runway – the joys of being a multi tasking woman.

* My Auntie En’s parkin is beyond compare. I occasionally part with it to close family and friends but only thin slices, my hand starts shaking if they happen to be watching me cut it and ask for maybe a bit more. The only thing not made by Auntie En that comes close is cheese cake from the Fossil and Heritage Centre in the Orkneys. If you are ever there I highly recommend calling in for some. The carrot cake is pretty good too and the staff are really friendly. If however you are ever anywhere near me don’t expect any parkin without a fight.

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