I got up this morning, apparently it’s -13 degrees outside the car, I was informed of this at 7:40 a much more acceptable time, and did my yoga, because it’s good for you apparently. There was Maddy (Madeline Lewis the instructor), I feel I can be familiar since I have my pyjamas on, looking svelte in her blue lycra on a sunny tree surrounded platform looking all fresh and there was me in said PJs with flannelette bottoms, not having brushed hair or washed as B was having trouble nodding off so I didn’t/daren’t disturb him with my morning ablutions. I had however brushed my teeth. I was also snuggled in my new cardy completed for Christmas. It has a bit of a design issue with the sleeves but apparently looks like this is the style but knowing that it isn’t how I intended keep thinking about ripping out the sleeves and redoing top sections.

I was going to attach a pic but can’t find the timer on the camera, can’t say I’m too impressed with this latest one. It’s a Kodak with 12 mega pixels but I’m a bit disappointed with some of the photos and I don’t think it’s completely my fault.

I’ve decided I’m going to have an etsy day and blitz everything I’ve made and get them listed but first I think I may have to try out the long johns that I got for Christmas because I think it’s cold and I’m basing this on my fingers being icy rather than relying on the car to tell me.


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