Driving Lesson

I had a driving lesson today – in the SNOW. When Dave (driving instructor) got here he asked if I still wanted to go as basically I am sensible enough (there’s a first) I think he meant old enough, to go slow. If I had been a 17 year old boy racer he wouldn’t have considered it. It was fantastic. There was a tiny bit of sliding on roads that we would have thought would be completely clear but with my test next week it really boosted my confidence.

My darling husband gave me a detailed temperature by temperature description of his drive home this morning. It was imperative that he passed this information on to me as soon as he got home at 4:00AM. I was quite surprised that it had reached -10 degrees but could have waited until later to find this out and in fact did because I could only recall as far as -8 when I got up – shame on me!

He then informed me why I did so well in the car this morning. On going into to exciedly tell him about my lesson (I waited until his alarm went off – I’m just so considerate), he asked what I had on as I looked nice. I mistakenly said I had measured my hips last night and they were 39″. So the car didn’t skid this morning because my large behind stablised it.

AND I still don’t know what I am doing on the web but I keep doing stuff. I am expecting a call from NASA any time now.


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