Hair Cut 2

Well I went this morning and now at the back my hair is 6.5” and a little longer at the front. And I like it. My husband on the other hand is not so struck. I asked the hairdresser if she had ever had anybody cry. Apparently not and she didn’t want me to be the first. I wasn’t. She cut some off but then I was distracted by a lady who had commented on my knitting whilst I was waiting and by the time we had finished chatting and I had given her a copy of my hat pattern it was done.

I then meet a friend for lunch who was surprised but said it suited me and I can normally tell by her face it she doesn’t like something regardless of what comes out of her mouth but face and mouth seemed to concur.

I haven’t been conscious of it which is a good thing. When I washed it it did feel like there was nothing to wash but when I have had it trimmed this is when I notice it most.

Now I know my pics are generally a bit dubious but this was taken by hubby and basically the first photo does, as long as the object can be identified by anyone with a little imagniation. If it doesn’t meet this criteria a second will be taken but that’s the limit. The view is from the back because apparently I don’t take a good photo from the front!

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