First Post – original name I know


I’ve been off sick for a while and now that I am feeling better am severely lacking in human contact – I’ve always said that I couldn’t be one of those couples who work and live together and now I have been through an imposed confinement with my husband.  (He has been a complete darling and has put up with a LOT but enough is enough.)

So I have my theory driving test tomorrow.  I think I have the theory part off pat but the hazard perception is another matter.  The first time I did the proper test test (if you get my meaning) today I scored 44 out of 75 and the DVD had the audacity to say that I had passed but I might want to consult with my instructor for further advice prior to the real thing – or something like that I was a little busy checking what the minimum required mark was only to find that it was in fact 44 and maybe the suggestion wasn’t quite as cheeky as I suggested to the DVD.  It was downhill from there but I think that the program took offence to the suggestions I may have made about its mother and hasn’t been responded to my delicate taps on the keyboard, I tried this after the mouse seemed to have sided with the DVD and developed a dodgy left click – just for this program apparently, its fine for anything else. 

Meanwhile we had a new stair and landing carpet fitted today.  My other half on finally getting out of bed at 16:30 ish after I had served him bagels (nothing else) – he does work nights he isn’t just lazy – said ‘Is this the colour we ordered?’

Me:  ‘Yes’

Him:  ‘I thought it was darker than this’

Me:  ‘Yes, it’s definitely the right one’

Him:  ‘Oh, this looks dark.  But I know it is going dark’ (And it was going dark outside but strangely we do have these electric light thingies.)

Me:  Well what do you say to that – This one looks darker but you think it’s not the one we ordered which was darker!  Oh, OK. – I of course said nothing.  He had just got up!

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